It’s Here! On Aravod’s 10th anniversary, we are proud to announce the availability of our long awaited CD release, “Gamar.” With 21 songs and at almost 65 minutes it is an exciting mix of Armenian Traditional and Modern selections, Greek, and Arabic music. If you liked “Until the Night,” you will love this one! Please click the “Buy Now” button above to purchase the CD!

To purchase by check or money order, please make payable to:

Armen Sevag

1267 Brookstone Drive

Boothwyn PA, 19061

Track Listing:

1. Under the Apple Tree (Traditional)

2. Armenian Dance (Traditional)

3. On the Tree (Traditional)

4. Ha Nina (Popular)

5. Laz (Traditional)

6. Tamzara (Traditional)

7. Farahfahza Longa (Riyad Al-Sunbati)

8. Fige Kiasemeh (Popular)

9. Raks El Qamar (C. Marashlian)

10. Dari Lolo (Popular)

11. Costa (Traditional)

12. Konyali (Traditional)

13. Kalamatiano (Traditional)

14. Memoriam (L. Aprahamyan)*

15. Hijaz Sirto (Traditional)

16. Layla (Farid El-Atrache)

17. With Your Dark Eyes (Popular)

18. Playful Dance (Traditional)

19. Oh Until When (Popular)

20. I Can’t Go Away (Popular)

21. Shalakho (Traditional)

*In memory of Gusan Aram Asatryan


Until the Night

With 26 songs and at almost 75 minutes, with extensive liner notes and lyrics, “Until the Night” is an unprecedented mix of Armenian Traditional and Modern selections, Greek, and Arabic music. It is perhaps the most vibrant and energetic World Music CD release in years. We know that you will enjoy the many styles and selections on “Until the Night,” so order your copy today. Please click the “Buy Now” button above!

Track Listing:

1. Love Song (Traditional)

2. I Bought An Orchard in Yerevan (Traditional)

3. Nightingale (Traditional)

4. Spring Carnation (David Attarian)

5. Oh, My (Popular)

6. It’s Spring, It’s Spring (Popular)

7. Girl From Moosh (Traditional)

8. Welcome, My Love (Boghos Kirejian)

9. Tear (Antranig Kzirian)

10. Thick (Antranig Kzirian)

11. Two Hearts (Popular)

12. Aziza (Mohamed Abdel Wahab)

13. The Cranes (Aram Asatryan/Levon Aprahamyan)

14. I Swear (Popular)

15. Sweet Girl (Misirlou) (Popular)

16. Hijazker Longa (Traditional)

17. Nihavent Longa (Traditional)

18. Gareen (Armen Sevag/Antranig Kzirian)

19. Sauda (Popular)

20. I Am Jealous (Popular)

21. Shashkin (Rahbani Brothers)

22. Ghali Ya Booy (Farid El-Atrache)

23. Haleh (Traditional)

24. Oh, My Sweet Girl (Popular)

25. Instrumental (Traditional)

26. For Your Love (Popular)


History Volumes

After a strong debut in 2004 in which “History: Volume I” earned praise as winner of the Big Apple Music Award’s “Best Traditional Instrumental Recording” and a nomination for the Armenian Music Award’s “Best Traditional Instrumental Recording”, Antranig Kzirian and Barrett Yeretsian yet again burst onto the music scene with “History: Volume II”, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the original History project.

Click Here to access CDBaby and purchase History Volume II!

Track Listing:

1. Im Lav

2. Erzerumi Shoror

3. Hovivi Yerkuh

4. Kani Vor Janim

5. Nazani

6. Yes Bujoor / Sari Seeroon Yar

7. Adanayi Voghpuh

8. Coddle

9. Turcheyi

10. Shalakho Variation